Partywear Dresses Online: A Dress For Each Party

party dresses

Party dresses are not the “one-look-fits-all” thing. Parties are different; dresses are different. Cocktail party, graduation party, birthday party, baby shower party, bachelorette party, promotion party, festive get-togethers, and others – all require a different dress. That’s why you can find an endless variety of partywear dresses online. It is now distinctly possible to find the right dress for a party.

Choose a dress that complements your personality

If you are not comfortable in something, avoid wearing it. Simple. Let your dress become second skin. You should be able to move in it without feeling conscious. A dress that increases your confidence and flatters your body type is the best choice.

For example, a maxi dress brings out the flirty and the feminine side of you. It fits a cocktail party or an evening out or a social get-together.

partywear maxi dress

Wish to show some skin? You could opt for a shimmering off shoulder dress. Keep a jacket or stole with you, just in case you wish to cover up.

Got a nice figure? Flaunt it in a bodycon dress. This body-hugging, stretchable material increases your “oomph” factor manifold. If this is too hot to handle for you, but you still want to spice up things, you could choose a skater dress. They are usually up to the knee length and feature A-line silhouette. The dress gives you a pretty look and, at the same time, creates a modest ensemble.

Highlight your best feature with a dress

Have a small frame? Avoid dresses with super flowing fabrics. You will “drown” in the fabric and appear tinier than usual. Petite figures must choose dresses that are fitted at the waist. Slim waist line is usually the best feature of petite figures. Skater dresses and bodycon dresses work best for such figures. Voluptuous figures can do best in shirt dresses, shift dresses, and maxi dresses.

party skater dress

The ultimate aim is to feel good in whatever you wear. Accessorizing is important…the right accessorizing for that matter. Accessories can convert a plain dress into party wear. You can even turn shimmering partywear dresses purchased online into casual wear by teaming them with neutral jacket or wraps and skipping heavy accessories.

The internet is a great place to purchase party wear. It not only helps you get a terrific dress at a lower price, but also gives you a huge variety to choose from. You are able to make a better purchase.


Summer Online Dresses For Women

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Summer is approaching fast! Is your wardrobe ready with summer dresses? If not, this is the best time to shop at e-stores dedicated to online dresses for women. They offer a huge variety of dresses – bodycon, skater, maxi, shirt dress, shift dress, midi, party wear, and more.

Know your body type, your likings, and your wallet – shop till you drop!

A bodycon may not be the best thing to have for apple shapes and pear shapes. Those with hourglass figures, athlete types, and petite figures can grab a couple of bodycons for the summer. Make sure you are exercising well to show off those well-toned, beautiful legs.

Skater dress is something that goes well with all. Petite, voluptuous, thin and slender, tall and athletic, or any other – you can easily wear this dress and bring out the sensuous side of you.

skater dress.jpg

Shift dress is great for women who are not comfortable showing off their curves. The dress teasingly hides your curves, yet let your sensuality peep through its beautiful cuts and designs.


The best part of a shirt dress is that you can wear it with a pair of skinny jeans, or a pair of leggings, or a short skirt! This is a comfortable dress, suited for the workplace and for outings.

This is not the end to the sheer variety available in online dresses for women. Dresses are galore. Just know what you want or how you want to style yourselves. Once you are clear, start shopping. Those who are not sure what they want can get an idea by glancing at the fantastic collections online.

Enjoy the summer sun with these dresses

Short dresses in soft fabrics are the best things to have for summer. For example, a shirt dress in cotton can become one of your staple wears this season. A skater dress with its open, flared bottom lets your legs breathe.

For a funky look, team your short dresses with strappy flats or sneakers. Turn your look into a sophisticated one by wearing high heels with the same dress.

The same dress, but different kinds of look – this is the beauty of dresses. Add to this your imagination and boldness and lo, you are competing with the celebrities’ styles!

Last but not the least, you can get some fabulous offers while shopping online for dresses. So, do not miss this chance of saving money. Grab the trendiest collection before it goes away.

Online Women Dress Shop Gives Mind Blowing Variety

Online women dress shop

Women are spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for dresses. Whether western wear or Indian wear, you can easily get your choice online.

Western wear, especially dresses, are making a rage in the Indian market. The beauty of these garments is that you can stylishly convert them into an Indian number through your creativity.

East-West fusion

Even a body-hugging, sensuous bodycon dress can be worn on a typical Indian street by draping a flowing stole in soft fabric around the dress to “hide” the curves. You can even team a long coat or a flowing cotton jacket over the dress to give yourselves a chic look. Wear the dress with a pair of stocking, if you wish to cover your legs.

A reputable online women dress shop has almost everything that a woman wants for her wardrobe. You can shop for different styles and patterns of dresses, colors and fabrics, and even get accessories for them. The dresses are available for all shapes and sizes.

All rounder dresses

Dresses like skater, maxi, shirt dress, and others can be worn for the office, for hangouts with friends, for strolling on the street, and for parties. It depends on how you wear them.

Convert a simple maxi dress into party wear by accessorizing in the right manner. Convert a maxi dress into office wear by teaming it with appropriate blazer and belt. Type of necklines and fabric vary for each occasion.


Dresses usually look stylish with heels; however, not everybody wants to wear them, especially in the wake of reports that constant wearing of high heels can hurt your spine and feet.

Yet, there are women who dare not step outside their homes in flats. Whatever type you are, the good news is that you can pair both flats and heels with dresses; but their style matters. Say, you wouldn’t want to team floaters with a maxi dress, would you? Instead, you can wear gladiator style flats or strappy flats with a maxi.

Online stores for ladies which deal in multiple products including apparel and accessories provide the facility of creating a specific look by providing mix’n’match facility. You have the options to define the look you want by using thousands of products available there.

Crux: A little sensibility and a little style go into making a diva, irrespective of dress and body type.

You need not worry about overhauling your wardrobe with the latest dresses, as online women dress shop lets you order your favorite pieces sitting comfortably at home. So, what are you waiting for? Show some style. Summer is here. The dresses are waiting to flatter your figures.


Aids to Men To Buy Online Women Dresses

Man holding clothes by a changing room

Who says that men do not buy dresses for women online? Check out the browsing history of online women clothing stores and you would find that appreciable number of visitors are males. This is not a surprise since men also actively find women clothing and accessories. This could be for their wives, mothers, sisters, girl-friends or other female contacts. Though they do find women clothing, the task is certainly not easy.

Men may or may not know what are the preferences of style and colour of clothing of the woman for whom they are buying a particular dress. They would also not know the fits and the sizes. They are left with the power of imagination to judge whether a particular dress would look nice on her or not. Here are some aids to men to help them in this arduous task, especially when they do not know anything about what she likes to wear:


1. For colours, simply think of type of attire you have seen her wear. Whether she likes to wear darker and brighter shades or duller and sombre ones? Have you seen her wear a particular colour, may be red or black or any other, quite often? Does she wear the plain or the printed ones more? If you have not interacted with her too much and do not know her preferences, you can buy dresses online by recalling how she presented herself in a few meetings you had with her.

2. For sizes, the best part is to make a guess by relating her height and build with that of any person known whose size of clothing you know.

3. Fabric choices can be those where you can trust your choice. Cottons are generally not preferred for dresses if this is meant for evening wear since the fall is not great. Rather, cottons are preferred for casual day wear dresses to be worn at home. For evening or party wear, the preference is for free falling and ironable clothing, such as polyester georgette, polyester crepe or polyester chiffon. Other fabric options are also available nowadays.

With these tips men would surely be able to buy a dress online. Easy returns policies from the online clothing stores further motivate men to buy clothing for women online even when preferences of dressing are not known.

(Help Men!! Please share your experiences, ideas and tips on how men can buy women clothing online)

A Brief History of Shift Dress

shift dresses 2

Dresses come in plethora of styles. If one were to start naming the types of dresses that one can actually get to see online, there would not be an end to it. However, the most popular styles will surely come to the mind at first. One of these famous styles is that of the Shift dress, a dress style in which it is quite easy to ‘shift’ or move about.

A shift dress is a silhouette in which is it very convenient to move about. There is a feel of lot of freedom and, at the same time, the feel of the fall and the fabric. It is single piece dress which is usually short length (it reaches your mid-thigh or knee) level. The shift dress is not body hugging or waist-tied and also not demonstrative of curves and shapely bodice. It is a straight apparel and is generally sleeveless. It falls down straight and the side panels hold it straight. Generally, it is either worn alone or with stockings.

flappers shift dress look

Shift dresses have evolved over a period of time. The beginning of its popularity is attributed to the flappers of 1920s. In USA, this became a lot popular in 1950s and was related to the new generation of American youth. It allowed women folk to dance, work or move around. This is an all season dress, can be made rather easily in a range of fabrics that have good fall and is considered cool.

A Shirt Dress for a Confident Woman

shirt dress

The world of fashion is lively and innovative. It is beyond doubt that fashion has the capability to define the persona. It has a direct and profound bearing on the persona and projects the image which is sought to be shown to the world. Think of any style of dress and there would certainly be a particular image that would come to your mind. A shirt dress is also that style which is forcefully reflective of a particular personality. Shirt dresses are conceptually derived from shirts of men. And, since women have almost all rights over things that belong to men, how can the shirt style be an exception? A shirt dress is a reflection of confident woman.

The shirt dresses were one of the top trends of 1950s and the fact that these are still popular shows that this fashion has not only survived but also continues to be preferred choice of fashion conscious women. The bodice of a shirt dress often comes with a collar. There could be buttons in the front. Sleeves also bear the resemblance of men’s shirt in the form of buttoned long sleeves. Quite an extension of this concept of shirt dress is that of t-shirt dress which is nothing but a longer version of the shirt dress.


Shirt dresses can be found online on the best women clothing shops. These are available in different colours, fits and designs.

A Skater Dress for That Sexy Look

Skater dress online

The skater dress, as many of you would have seen, gives a very youthful look. This dress style is named so because of the typical way it is made. The bodice of a skater dress is fitted whereas the skirt is made in a round shape cut. It gives a typical A-line look to the person wearing it. The effect of this round shape cut is that the skirt circles beautifully when the person who is wearing it turns around. This style typically resembles the skirt worn by ice-skaters and gives the same effect of whirl and twirl when the person spins around.

Skater dresses can be made in any length, from small length to the long maxi but the best effect of circling is experienced in above knee length one. Therefore, most of the ones which you find in retail stores or online women dress stores are above knee length.


Skater dresses online are available on all popular stores since it is one of the most popular dress styles and its demand exists in all seasons. The demand levels are particularly high during the summers since this is essentially made in short length and this is most comfortably worn during this season. However, you may also try it in winters with full length slacks.