Tips to Buy Casual Dresses This Summer


Finding a dress that fits a lady IS rocket science! Even the pros fail to get it right each time. However, with reputable stores going online with their fabulous collections, it seems women can have a gala time shopping for dresses for all occasions.

Find your dream dress in seconds

casual dress-1.jpg

First, know what you want. It should not be “I want something in casual, but am not sure.” It should be “I want to buy casual dresses for summer.” Be specific. Be sure. This makes it easier for you to search.

Next, know your pocket. One of the benefits of shopping online is that you are able to save money. Shop for the same dress from a brick-and-mortar store and from an online store – there is a difference in price.

Then, know your body type. Are you heavy at the bottom or at the top? Do you have flabs to hide? Are you proud of your curves and want to highlight them? Are you tall or short?

The wrong dress can highlight your flaws, while the right dress can beautifully hide your flaws and draw attention to your strong features.

For example, you may have a slim waist that you want to show off. Dresses with cinch at the waist are good choices. Women with heavier thighs may want a dress that flares at the bottom. Women with flat chest may want a V-neck dress that accentuates their cleavage and gives their body a curvy figure.

Each body type is unique. So is a dress. The trick is to match the right body type with the right dress.

A well-fitting dress that suits the shape of your body flatters your assets in the best manner possible and makes you look and feel like a diva.

Build your personal style

Irrespective of what fashion magazines say, you must face the truth that there is no hard and fast rule for choosing a dress. You can wear whatever you want. So, if you are bottom-heavy, to be precise pear-shaped, you can still try that bodycon dress. Choose a strapless bodycon and wear a stole. Wrap the stole around your neck and let its ends fall loosely over your hips.

Fashion experts advise to create your own style and love your body shape. Avoid complaining about your body because each body shape has its strong features and flaws. Nothing is perfect. Please avoid blindly aping celebrity styles.

When you buy casual dresses choose something that increases your confidence and beauty. Choco Chanel has once said, “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”

So, let the dress define you. With endless options available online, there is no excuse for not finding a dress that flatters your personality.



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