Dressing Up With Maxi Dresses- Valuable Tips And Tricks

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Long dresses like the maxi are usually believed to be worn on special evening occasions. That’s not true. You can wear it during the day, while running errands, and even for that important board room meeting. The trick lies in how you dress it up or dress it down.

Here are some tips straight from the fashion experts’ desks.

For plus size women

Maxi dresses are great for women who are on the heavier side. Their flowy, full-length silhouettes help to hide your flaws and give you a slimming look.

  • Avoid strappy dresses. They make your shoulders look wider and heavier.
  • Choose dark colors and small prints that help to minimize your size.
  • Choose a dress with v-neck. This creates a lean look.
  • Avoid loose-fitting dresses. They will make you look like a box.

For petite women

Who says shorter women cannot wear floor-scaling dresses? You may fear such dresses may overshadow your structure, but then, you need to make the right choice, honey.

  • Choose a well-cut dress that fits snugly at your curves.
  • Choose v-neck for a streamlined effect.
  • Avoid dresses with too much prints and patterns. Choose solids and small prints.
  • Dark colors like deep plum, navy blue, black, maroon, chocolate brown, and green make you look taller.
  • Avoid color block styles. They make you appear shorter and wider.
  • Always wear heels with your maxi dress.

Choose versatile styles that you can mix and match

One maxi dress – many styles. You save money and you can wear the same dress on different occasions.

For example, when you buy maxi dresses in neutral solids like olive, black, gray, brown, beige, cream, red, and others, they can be used almost everywhere. Wear them to the office. It is easy to wear a standard black blazer with a neutral solid maxi dress. Dress them up for dinner parties. Add some shimmer through your accessories and makeup. Add a party clutch and stiletto and you are ready to rock.

Hot tips:

  • Crystals and pearls glam up a dress.
  • Beads, shells, and sequins create a funky look.
  • Scarves and multi-chain neckpieces create an interesting hangout look.

The right footwear

Maxi dress sways at the floor, so your footwear may not be that visible. You could wear open-toed sandals and strappy heels go great with this dress.

No boots with a maxi dress please!

Up your sophistication with a maxi dress

Belt it up.

Belts render a dress a more polished and elegant appearance. Slim women can invest in narrow belts, although they can do with broad belts too. Plus size women should choose medium size belts.

You can avail yourselves fantastic maxi dresses at reputable stores online. Need not step outside the house in the summer heat.


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