Aids to Men To Buy Online Women Dresses

Man holding clothes by a changing room

Who says that men do not buy dresses for women online? Check out the browsing history of online women clothing stores and you would find that appreciable number of visitors are males. This is not a surprise since men also actively find women clothing and accessories. This could be for their wives, mothers, sisters, girl-friends or other female contacts. Though they do find women clothing, the task is certainly not easy.

Men may or may not know what are the preferences of style and colour of clothing of the woman for whom they are buying a particular dress. They would also not know the fits and the sizes. They are left with the power of imagination to judge whether a particular dress would look nice on her or not. Here are some aids to men to help them in this arduous task, especially when they do not know anything about what she likes to wear:


1. For colours, simply think of type of attire you have seen her wear. Whether she likes to wear darker and brighter shades or duller and sombre ones? Have you seen her wear a particular colour, may be red or black or any other, quite often? Does she wear the plain or the printed ones more? If you have not interacted with her too much and do not know her preferences, you can buy dresses online by recalling how she presented herself in a few meetings you had with her.

2. For sizes, the best part is to make a guess by relating her height and build with that of any person known whose size of clothing you know.

3. Fabric choices can be those where you can trust your choice. Cottons are generally not preferred for dresses if this is meant for evening wear since the fall is not great. Rather, cottons are preferred for casual day wear dresses to be worn at home. For evening or party wear, the preference is for free falling and ironable clothing, such as polyester georgette, polyester crepe or polyester chiffon. Other fabric options are also available nowadays.

With these tips men would surely be able to buy a dress online. Easy returns policies from the online clothing stores further motivate men to buy clothing for women online even when preferences of dressing are not known.

(Help Men!! Please share your experiences, ideas and tips on how men can buy women clothing online)


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