A Brief History of Shift Dress

shift dresses 2

Dresses come in plethora of styles. If one were to start naming the types of dresses that one can actually get to see online, there would not be an end to it. However, the most popular styles will surely come to the mind at first. One of these famous styles is that of the Shift dress, a dress style in which it is quite easy to ‘shift’ or move about.

A shift dress is a silhouette in which is it very convenient to move about. There is a feel of lot of freedom and, at the same time, the feel of the fall and the fabric. It is single piece dress which is usually short length (it reaches your mid-thigh or knee) level. The shift dress is not body hugging or waist-tied and also not demonstrative of curves and shapely bodice. It is a straight apparel and is generally sleeveless. It falls down straight and the side panels hold it straight. Generally, it is either worn alone or with stockings.

flappers shift dress look

Shift dresses have evolved over a period of time. The beginning of its popularity is attributed to the flappers of 1920s. In USA, this became a lot popular in 1950s and was related to the new generation of American youth. It allowed women folk to dance, work or move around. This is an all season dress, can be made rather easily in a range of fabrics that have good fall and is considered cool.


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