A Shirt Dress for a Confident Woman

shirt dress

The world of fashion is lively and innovative. It is beyond doubt that fashion has the capability to define the persona. It has a direct and profound bearing on the persona and projects the image which is sought to be shown to the world. Think of any style of dress and there would certainly be a particular image that would come to your mind. A shirt dress is also that style which is forcefully reflective of a particular personality. Shirt dresses are conceptually derived from shirts of men. And, since women have almost all rights over things that belong to men, how can the shirt style be an exception? A shirt dress is a reflection of confident woman.

The shirt dresses were one of the top trends of 1950s and the fact that these are still popular shows that this fashion has not only survived but also continues to be preferred choice of fashion conscious women. The bodice of a shirt dress often comes with a collar. There could be buttons in the front. Sleeves also bear the resemblance of men’s shirt in the form of buttoned long sleeves. Quite an extension of this concept of shirt dress is that of t-shirt dress which is nothing but a longer version of the shirt dress.


Shirt dresses can be found online on the best women clothing shops. These are available in different colours, fits and designs.


2 thoughts on “A Shirt Dress for a Confident Woman

    1. Thanks for sharing this post on your blog. It motivates us further to write more such informative pieces. I have also seen that you are a poet and a believer in the Lord. Will be learning more from you through your blog. May be it helps us further to be better humans.


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