What is a Midi Dress?- The Story Behind

There are many ways of classifying the dresses. One of this ways of classification is according to the length of their hemlines. So, you have the maxi dresses which are full length dress which have hemlines right till the ankles. And, you also have the midi dresses, which have length between ankle and knee. Thus, midi dresses have mid-calf hemlines and this is what distinguishes them from the other types.

The Trend History


Midi dresses came in vogue after the midi skirts. Midi skirts were the most important fashion trendsetters of the 1940s. These skirts drove the imagination of fashion designers to impart grace and elegance to the young women. Midi skirts ruled the world of fashion for two decades and were dethroned by the more revealing and sexier mini-skirts in 1960s.

Midi dresses are considered to be smart and chic. The fashion lovers use midis to show to the world that they are modern and graceful at the same time. Since these dresses are not revealing, these showcase an affinity towards fashion dating back to the era of freedom-loving yet elegance-driven consciousness.

Midi dresses are paired with a range of different shoes to complete the style-statement. These are able to drive more focus to the shoes as a fashion accessory than either the maxi dresses or the bodycons.


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