What is a Maxi Dress?


Two things are important to note for a dress to be called as ‘Maxi’. At first, this is of floor or ankle length and, second, it is an informal dress which can be worn at any time. Almost full length feature of this dress makes it acceptable in even the conservative societies of the world. In India, it is one of the most preferred style of western dress.

This is a casual dress which is made in less expensive fabrics, such as cotton or polyester. For this reason, these appeal to the masses and are one of the most popular dress style types. These can be made in various patterns of these fabrics, including the prints and the plains, offering more variety to buyers.


Ease of handling and comfort of wearing make these highly popular among women. These can be worn during the day at home and are even worn in offices. A casual outing with family and friends is also possible by wearing maxi dresses.

Maxi dresses can also be made into glamorous party wear items by using expensive fabrics such as pure silks. At times, these can even come with a little surface ornamentation to add an element of distinction. This ornamentation could be in the form of embroidery design or hand beading. These can even be turned into designer wear with more style detailing and rich beading and sequin work. This is done to impart a rich look and add to variety.


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