All You Want to Know About the BodyCon Dresses

Fashion trends evolve over a period of time. The designers come out with their collections every season and this sets the trend of fashion for the season. Thus, they are harbingers of new trends. The styles which get more famous become hot favorites for a long time to come. One such style, which is a type of dress, is the bodycon dress. This style has an interesting history of its own.

What are Bodycon Dresses?


The word ‘bodycon’ is made of two words- body and conscious. Therefore, this style refers to those dresses which are body conscious, meaning that these dresses are made to show curves of women body. For this reason, these are body hugging. The level of body hugging can still be defined and these can even be in the comfort fit. With respect to the height of the hemline, it is up to knee length maximum. The hemlines can be of higher thigh, middle thigh and knee length.

Herve Leger Bandage Dresses

Bodycon dress style was made famous by the iconic Herve Leger bandage dresses. A bandage dress makes use of individual strips of cloth sewn together in such a way as if a bandage is wound around the body.

His dresses were meant to show off the body curves with proud but the skin-fitting has been relaxed to comfort fit while retaining the essential style characteristics of the dress.


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