How To Choose Women Dresses Online For Various Occasions?

women dresses online

With a plethora of outfits present in the market, it may sometimes become difficult to decide what to wear. It is said that clothes maketh a man…and a woman. So, it is important to decide carefully what to wear for a particular occasion. You leave an impression of who you are through your attire. Make sure you are not giving the wrong impression.

The internet is an ocean of clothes

You can find ethnic wear, party wear, office wear, casual wear, dresses, western wear, fusion of east and west, and more online. It is a challenge to choose the right outfit for an occasion. Even if you do, you are not sure whether the outfit suits you.

Well, you need not be a fashion stylist to choose women dresses online. Here are some tips from experts:

  • Know the occasion. Is it formal, semi formal, or casual? Is there a dress code? Is it a party, office meeting, wedding, hangout with friends, casual dinner, or cocktail party?
  • Know the weather. This may sound absurd to many of you, as you would say that everybody knows how the weather is. Well, this is more about knowing the venue. Say, the wedding ceremony could be out in the open or it could be indoors. For the former, a short dress would do, while the latter makes an evening gown more appropriate. In case you choose an off shoulder dress, you may want to take a stole along, if the event is inside a fully air-conditioned place.
  • Know your body type. You don’t want to look stuffed up in a dress, do you? Neither do you want to look like somebody has hung a dress on you. Well-fit attire leaves an impression. It flatters your body type and enhances your personality. Avoid going with the trend blindly. Choose something that is comfortable with your body and increases your confidence.
  • Don’t forget accessories. They can convert a simple dress into party wear or a party dress into office wear. It is smart to choose a neutral tone dress, which can multi-task, meaning you can wear it to office and attend parties in it through different ways of accessorizing.

The buying process

Plenty of online stores exist. Women’s clothing offers great scope for e-commerce. Most of the stores are authentic and sell branded clothes. It depends on you how comfortable you are with shopping from a particular store. Compare stores, glance at their collections and prices, and then decide.

Certain reputable stores are known to sell the hottest fashion at affordable prices. You can find what you are looking for easily at such stores – dresses like bodycon, shift, midi, skater, maxi, and more.


The Potential Of Selling Women Clothing Online In India

women western clothing in india

Indian women are stepping out of their cocoons and rubbing shoulders with men in almost all fields. An increasing number of women are joining the workforce. This means there is an increase in disposable incomes. Today’s independent-minded woman is financially sufficient to lead her own life. So, if she wants to shop for clothes, she needn’t ask money from her family members. She can shop at the drop of a hat.

India offers huge potential for online clothes store

Smart phones, easy internet connections, high incomes, open minds – all these spell boom time for women clothing online. Moreover, as more women are stepping out of their homes to work, do business, socialize, and attend events, they need clothes – lots of them – clothes that suit different occasions.

The internet offers a convenient way to shop. Working women hardly have time to visit brick-and-mortar stores; and they don’t want to lag behind in fashion. So, online stores are the best options. A few clicks and your wardrobe is ready for the season. Trendy outfits cater to various occasions, body types, ages, professions, and even moods of women – shopping was never so fun!

Western wear is in huge demand


The workplace demands decorum. Of course, there is no match for the saree; but it is not a practical outfit everywhere and for all jobs. Western wear, especially dresses, provide a huge scope for officewear. Young women hardly want to wear sarees, as it requires skill and time to drape it. Dresses are mess-free garments. It takes only seconds to wear them and within minutes you are all dressed up for the occasion.

Among western wear, dresses like bodycon, shift, bondage, midi, skater, shirt, maxi, and others are a rage in the Indian market. Online stores selling party wear, casual wear, and office wear dresses are flourishing.

Modern Indian women are ready to experiment with fashion. They dare to try new styles, bold outlook, and revamp their personalities. They don’t always want to stay the demure lady with a shy deportment. Indian ladies are becoming confident of their sensuality too. Dresses fit this changing preference of Indian female customers. There are also times when women want to highlight their feminine side and demurring look. There are dresses for this mood change too.

There is no doubt that stores selling women clothing online enjoy great opportunities to run a flourishing business. High quality fabrics, variety in designs, and pleasant prices that access wide range of pockets – these are the essentials for a store to gain popularity among female consumers.

Women love shopping. Busy women love online shopping. It’s obvious that online stores are having a boom time showcasing their fantastic collections and helping women create their own fashion statements.



Tips to Buy Casual Dresses This Summer


Finding a dress that fits a lady IS rocket science! Even the pros fail to get it right each time. However, with reputable stores going online with their fabulous collections, it seems women can have a gala time shopping for dresses for all occasions.

Find your dream dress in seconds

casual dress-1.jpg

First, know what you want. It should not be “I want something in casual, but am not sure.” It should be “I want to buy casual dresses for summer.” Be specific. Be sure. This makes it easier for you to search.

Next, know your pocket. One of the benefits of shopping online is that you are able to save money. Shop for the same dress from a brick-and-mortar store and from an online store – there is a difference in price.

Then, know your body type. Are you heavy at the bottom or at the top? Do you have flabs to hide? Are you proud of your curves and want to highlight them? Are you tall or short?

The wrong dress can highlight your flaws, while the right dress can beautifully hide your flaws and draw attention to your strong features.

For example, you may have a slim waist that you want to show off. Dresses with cinch at the waist are good choices. Women with heavier thighs may want a dress that flares at the bottom. Women with flat chest may want a V-neck dress that accentuates their cleavage and gives their body a curvy figure.

Each body type is unique. So is a dress. The trick is to match the right body type with the right dress.

A well-fitting dress that suits the shape of your body flatters your assets in the best manner possible and makes you look and feel like a diva.

Build your personal style

Irrespective of what fashion magazines say, you must face the truth that there is no hard and fast rule for choosing a dress. You can wear whatever you want. So, if you are bottom-heavy, to be precise pear-shaped, you can still try that bodycon dress. Choose a strapless bodycon and wear a stole. Wrap the stole around your neck and let its ends fall loosely over your hips.

Fashion experts advise to create your own style and love your body shape. Avoid complaining about your body because each body shape has its strong features and flaws. Nothing is perfect. Please avoid blindly aping celebrity styles.

When you buy casual dresses choose something that increases your confidence and beauty. Choco Chanel has once said, “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”

So, let the dress define you. With endless options available online, there is no excuse for not finding a dress that flatters your personality.


Dressing Up With Maxi Dresses- Valuable Tips And Tricks

buy maxi dresses.jpg

Long dresses like the maxi are usually believed to be worn on special evening occasions. That’s not true. You can wear it during the day, while running errands, and even for that important board room meeting. The trick lies in how you dress it up or dress it down.

Here are some tips straight from the fashion experts’ desks.

For plus size women

Maxi dresses are great for women who are on the heavier side. Their flowy, full-length silhouettes help to hide your flaws and give you a slimming look.

  • Avoid strappy dresses. They make your shoulders look wider and heavier.
  • Choose dark colors and small prints that help to minimize your size.
  • Choose a dress with v-neck. This creates a lean look.
  • Avoid loose-fitting dresses. They will make you look like a box.

For petite women

Who says shorter women cannot wear floor-scaling dresses? You may fear such dresses may overshadow your structure, but then, you need to make the right choice, honey.

  • Choose a well-cut dress that fits snugly at your curves.
  • Choose v-neck for a streamlined effect.
  • Avoid dresses with too much prints and patterns. Choose solids and small prints.
  • Dark colors like deep plum, navy blue, black, maroon, chocolate brown, and green make you look taller.
  • Avoid color block styles. They make you appear shorter and wider.
  • Always wear heels with your maxi dress.

Choose versatile styles that you can mix and match

One maxi dress – many styles. You save money and you can wear the same dress on different occasions.

For example, when you buy maxi dresses in neutral solids like olive, black, gray, brown, beige, cream, red, and others, they can be used almost everywhere. Wear them to the office. It is easy to wear a standard black blazer with a neutral solid maxi dress. Dress them up for dinner parties. Add some shimmer through your accessories and makeup. Add a party clutch and stiletto and you are ready to rock.

Hot tips:

  • Crystals and pearls glam up a dress.
  • Beads, shells, and sequins create a funky look.
  • Scarves and multi-chain neckpieces create an interesting hangout look.

The right footwear

Maxi dress sways at the floor, so your footwear may not be that visible. You could wear open-toed sandals and strappy heels go great with this dress.

No boots with a maxi dress please!

Up your sophistication with a maxi dress

Belt it up.

Belts render a dress a more polished and elegant appearance. Slim women can invest in narrow belts, although they can do with broad belts too. Plus size women should choose medium size belts.

You can avail yourselves fantastic maxi dresses at reputable stores online. Need not step outside the house in the summer heat.

Why Buying Shirt Dresses Online Is Gaining Popularity


Shirt dresses are classics in their own way. They can be worn in different ways too. Combine a shirt dress with skinny jeans or a pair of leggings, or wear it just like that…like a dress. Wear a belt…don’t wear a belt…your choice.

Shopping for a shirt dress online
It’s fun! Reputable online stores have such a vast collection of dresses that it is a feast for the eyes. It is hard to not buy shirt dresses. You may have decided to buy one dress and end up buying two or three.

One of the benefits of online shopping is that you save money. So, even if you buy several dresses, you won’t be emptying your wallet. Rates are slashed to suit all pockets. The dresses are so stylish they hardly look inexpensive. Certain patterns are so designer-like they help you make a fashion statement.

Yet another benefit is that you get the trendiest of outfits online. Most of the reputable stores update their collections each season to provide designs straight from the ramp. You need not drive to some far away designer store to dress like a model or imitate a celebrity style. Just a few clicks and you are only a short time away to becoming a diva.

Designs, colors, patterns, cuts, and styles are in huge variety. Perhaps that’s why the modern generation prefers to shop online. It is more convenient. You save car gas. You need not dress up, put on your makeup, and drive all the way through the traffic jam just to buy shirt dresses. Place an order online while doing your household chores. The dress reaches your destination.

Shopper’s formula for a great experience
The sheer comfort that online shopping provides + super saving offers that reputable stores offer = great shopping experience.

Denim shirt dresses
This is one of the most popular trends. Denim is a versatile material and evergreen in the fashion scene. Denim shirts and shirt dresses are a rage. They look cool. They also need less accessorizing. Just wear a single piece of bold accessory and you are ready. Denim dresses look great with sneakers, platforms, wedges, and pumps. Boots, too, go terrifically with this dress; however, you may not want to wear them in summer.

It is hard to go wrong with denim. Wear it casually. Dress it up formally. Turn it into party wear. Do whatever your fashion sense says with denim.

White shirt dress
Crisp white shirt dresses look lovely. Just like a white shirt is a wardrobe essential, white shirt dress is essential for the summer collection. You can also find dresses in soft pastels and floral prints that help to beat the summer heat.

Time to shop!

Smoking Hot Bodycon Dresses Online


There was a time when you actually had to be bold and daring to don a bodycon dress. Many thought that this dress is not for all body types. Since it flaunts your bodily curves, it was said that you must have a great figure…and the confidence to show it off. With an insane variety of bodycon dresses online, it is tough for a confident, modern lady to stay off this sensuous silhouette this season.

The dress is certainly for the sophisticated babe who is bold enough to flaunt her sexuality. The dress is feminine; at the same time, it is smoking hot. It can raise your oomph level to the peak. For the petite figures, this dress is a boon; and if you have stepped out of your gym program and are eager to flaunt your flat abs, this is the dress for you.

To your delight, online dress stores have a huge variety in designs, length of dress, colors, and patterns. They are also offering this super hot piece of garment at discounts and special offers.

Summer is the time for fun and love. Let the dress hug your curves tight. This dress will surely make you attract attention instantly. So, if you don’t want attention, don’t wear this dress…and if you are craving for attention, this is the dress to wear!

Variety galore


You can get a bodycon dress that ends just below the knee or one that ends above. You can shop for a super short dress too. There are dresses with frills and laces attached to their design; then there are plain monochrome dresses in bold color. You can also find off shoulder dresses or backless ones. Get one with full sleeves or without.

The variety in necklines is also going to delight you. Go for plunging neckline, halter, v-neck, shoulder straps, and more. Denim bodycon dress looks cool. There are also dresses with wrap style. You can find dresses with side slits or mid slit. The variety in design is endless. You need to glimpse at the collection of bodycon dresses online to pick one that suits you best.

One of the best things about online shopping is that you get the trendiest styles straight from the ramp. Also, you can find accessories and footwear to complement your dress online. So, shopping for your entire ensemble happens on the internet.

So, it is time to get some killer attitude. With the mercury soaring mercilessly, bring out your own merciless self by donning a scorching hot bodycon dress.

Skater Dress Suits All Body Types


What’s ruling the fashion streets this season? Skater dress of course! Look around, skater dresses are online and offline. The dress is a hit among celebrities too. The best part of this dress? It works for different body types.

Understanding a skater

Basically, this is an A-line dress that flares at the end. It is fitted on the upper part. The dress falls gracefully around the thighs and ends at them or just above the knees. Do you know this dress creates a slimming effect?

If you are not comfortable flaunting your thighs, you can find skater dresses with long hemlines too. Actually, this silhouette is an inspiration from the baby doll dresses that were a rage in the 90’s. The dress, some may call it a frock, gives you a cute appearance. It can even make your look younger than your true age.


The best thing about this dress

The dress suits all – tall, short, voluptuous, thin, petite, and others. Women with heavy thighs or a pear shaped body can also wear this dress comfortably. This is because it flares at the bottom, so you may not feel conscious. Moreover, it gives a nice fit at the waist, so it flatters your figure.

The dress suits apple-shaped women too, as the flared bottom adds volume to their lower body and makes their figure proportionate. Shorter women can look taller by pairing a short skater dress with high heels. Choose a monochrome color and wear nude heels.

The best way to wear it

For the day, pick pastel shades or vibrant floral prints. For the night, choose darker shades. You could also go for shimmer and glitter. Keep your jewelry to a minimal with a shimmering dress.

A skater dress calls for delicate jewelry…something that does not overshadow the pretty silhouette of the dress. You can try a long, thin chain necklace with a pendant with this dress.

Another way to style this dress is by wearing a thin belt. Avoid wide belts with this silhouette. The best footwear are wedge heels or ballerinas. You can even go for the strappy look or sneakers.

So, it is time to shop for some lovely skater dresses online. You also save money while upgrading your wardrobe to a new style level. Reputable stores offer dresses at slashed rates. The discounts are so heavy you may fall off your seat. Summer is the best time to flaunt your well-toned legs. Wait no more. You may miss some of the loveliest pieces.